Laparoscopy – to whom?

The time when gynaecologists occupied themselves with all the range of women’s medical issues is definitely over. This applies not only in gynaecology but in all aspects of modern medicine in general. In our era ,medicine’s most vivid characteristic is specialization which starts appearing  in all its fields.

It is very important that a patient can find the appropriate doctor who has the experience,knowledge and expertise to deal with the specific condition.

Is there an accredited subspecialty training in Laparoscopic Surgery?

The answer is that in modern Western countries there is! In countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia and others, training in Laparoscopic surgery is a well defined and continuously monitored procedure. In order for a surgeon to deal with laparoscopic cases, it is obligatory to go through all these stages of the procedure and get officially certified.

How will i be able to tell if the Gynaecologist who is going to operate on me is trained in Laparoscopic Surgery and in Endometriosis?

A very important and crucial  question  patients often have is “how can I find a Gynae- surgeon who has the knowledge and expertise to deal with my endometriosis?”. This is one of the most important  dilemmas a patient can have.

It is very crucial (during our search to find the right surgeon for our condition) to make sure that: a) the gynaecologist is trained to deal with the specific condition.This training should ideally take place in reference centres abroad where the quality of training and level of sub- specialisation is very high b) the training has taken place in a country where there is a formal accredited training process c) the gynaecologist surgeon has acquired adequate knowledge and exposure in dealing with the specific cases d) keeps up to date and performs sufficient number of complex cases.

Specialization in gynaecology

All the above apply also gynaecology. For example in case of a gynaecological cancer the best treatment is provided by the Gynae-oncologist. Likewise a pregnant woman should address to the Feto-Maternal gynaecologist in order to have her second level ultrasound.Most of the times intervention by a specialist is  necessary for successful treatment of a condition. In fields like laparoscopic surgery and treatment of endometriosis, specialisation is very crucial and can really make a difference in patients’  health and quality of life.

Training in laparoscopic surgery and more specifically in excision of endometriosis, is a long process that usually lasts for the whole career of an Endometriosis Laparoscopic Surgeon.Dr Kyriakopoulos has totally dedicated his career in treating women who suffer from endometriosis and is absolutely dedicated in offering them a better and pain-free quality of life.