Endometriosis of the Sciatic nerve

Κωνσταντίνος Κυριακόπουλος Γυναικολόγος

Sciatic nerve is the largest in the whole human body.

Endometriosis of the sciatic nerve is an uncommon (but not rare) entity in which endometriosis develops next (or inside) the sciatic nerve.
This condition can some times be challenging to diagnose as it presents with the same symptoms like disc prolapse in the spinal region (lumbosacral area).
Sciatica caused by endometriosis starts initially as cyclical (catamenial) ,meaning that the symptoms are worse during the period.
As the disease progresses the symptoms remain also for the rest of the cycle and not only during menses.

Endometriosis of the sciatic nerve presents typically as:

  • Pain in buttock
  • Pain/tingling/loss of sensation in the posterior surface of thigh and calf
  • Muscle atrophy of the buttock/calf (as disease advances)
  • Occasionaly burning pain or feeling of electric shock going down the leg.



Right diagnosis and on-time treatment of this condition  is essential before irreversible neurological damage settles in.For that reason the patient has to consult with an Endometriosis specialist who is specialized in dealing with nerve pathologies of the pelvis (Neuropelveology).

Dr Kyriakopoulos holds the ISON Lv. 2 diploma in Neuropelveology with  which he was awarded after successful completion of training under the guidance of Prof. Marc Possover who is also the founder of this subspecialty.Dr Kyriakopoulos is the only greek gynaecologist and amongst the few in the world who hold this subspecialty title. Neuropelveology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions (like endometriosis) where specific nerves are involved (for example the  sciatic nerve).